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Bloom Facial (60 min)

Our signature Bloom Facial is ideal for all skin types – even the most sensitive at Bloom Spa in Highlands Ranch we use only the highest quality products for the best results possible your skin will feel smooth and refreshed with a healthy glow our Bloom Facial includes the following:


  • Thorough double cleansing to remove dead skin, topical oils, to help assist in reducing pores
  • Alginate customizable mask to replenish your skin’s natural oils
  • Extractions to remove impurities
  • Relaxing arm, hand, shoulder, and facial massage with every signature facial is a great option for spa regulars and newcomers alike. it won’t be long until you schedule visits at Bloom Spa for routine facials as part of your regular skin care regime. Make your spa day the best it can be by adding any of our other luxurious add-on services for head-to-toe renewal!

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