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Milagro Skin Health

The finest, non toxic and purely active cutting edge nutrients which are synergistically combined to achive the most rapid and effective Anti-Aging skin care.
Vital Therapy/ Milagro products are topically applied nutrients that build collagen and elastin, provide essential and powerful antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and enzymes and contain extreme hydrating, skin softening and exfoliating compounds.
The Anti-Aging essential nutrients are enclosed in non-toxic vehicles to carry protective, oxygenating, regenerating, rejuvenating and repairing nutrients for nourishing and balancing the skins metabolism.
These Nutrients encourage skin cell circulation and reproduction and product real, cumulative, beneficial, long lasting and visible results.

free of all toxic carcinogens, parabens, preservatives, dye, fillers, fragrances and chemicals found in most cosmetics and is never tested on animals.


All Milagro Cleansers and Toners cleanse the skin without stripping it of its important natural oils because they are free of harsh sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) detergents.

Calming Cleanser $34.50
Ideal for sensitive skin and Rosacea. A mild, gentle effective cleanser for both pre and post laser and chemical peel resurfacing. Soothes and protects.
Apple Delight Cleanser $34.50
Heaven for normal to dry skin. This is a moisture rich cleanser that removes impurities and debris without stripping the skin of the natural skin oils. This will not dry out the skin.
Clarifying Cleanser $34.50
This is a gental yet effective, non-abrasive, alpha hydroxyl, exfoliating cleanser. The new technology using AHA polymers results in less skin irritation. The addition of beta-hydroxy acid polymer helps clear the skin of blemishes.
Oxygen Toner $34.50
For all skin types, flushes dirt from pores and repairs free radical damage.
Strawberry Melon Toner $34.50
Dry skin needs this toner. Moisture rich containing hydrating antioxidants. Excellent for normal and skin with dry or sensitive conditions.
Clarifying Toner $34.50
Acne/Oily skin. The AHA’s decongest pores, helping prevent blemishes, purifies and controls oil. Contains phenyl butyl nitrone and beta-carotene which are proven antioxidant protection.


Tea Tree Mask $38.00
Clarifying mask for acne and congested pores. Anti-inflammatory.


Blemish Rescue $34.00
Spot treatment for acne.


Eye Repair Gel $35.00
This Product has the costliest ingredients that really work to remove dark circles and puffy rings around the eyes. It will also reduce fine lines around the eyes. Apply one hour before bedtime.
Ultra Firm Eye Repair $105.00
Extremely hydrating. Repairs connective tissue and stimulates collagen and elastin. Restructures cells. Stimulates lash growth. Use day and night one hour before bedtime for best results.


Budding Peptide $63.00
This is an ideal Anti-aging and toning (firming) treatment. Smooth over skin after cleansing and toning and before sunscreen. This product will firm and tone aging skin as well as build collagen.
Bloom Peptide $73.00
This formula has all the ingredients of Peptide Lotion with the addition of DMAE and Alpha Lipoic acid 3% of each. DMAE gives greater firming (tone) to the skin and Alpha Lipoic acid is a powerful antioxidant.
Blossom Peptide $73.00
The ultimate cream for firming, smoothing and toning.
Hyaluronic Rain $64.00
This is a treatment product for dehydrated skin. Contains the most powerful hydrating ingredients. It is so hydrating to the skin it may only be needed once or twice a week after the initial treatment.
Vitamin A Serum $52.00
Excellent stimulant for new skin growth. Glycolic acid and L-retinol an energized and synergized antioxidant combination.
Enhanced A $179.00
This is a Potent enhanced Vitamin A and Glycolic Acid Complex with EGF (Epithelial Growth Factor) Which is an energized and synergized antioxidant combination that is an excellent anti-aging serum and stimulatnt of new tissue growth.
Vitamin C with Caffeine $89.00
This is a potent Vitamin C and caffeine therapy that helps to improve the health and firmness of the skin. The ingredients are considered active in that they provide direct benefit to the skin and are not just carriers of the active ingredients. Excellent antioxidant and defense against free radicals
Vitamin C with L-Carnosine $110.00
Excellent for scar repair and strengthening of thin skin tissue. Also rapidly helps to repair damaged and injured skin. Excellent antioxidant and defense against free radicals.
Enhanced C $196.00
This is a Potent L-Ascorbic Vitamin C and Caffeine Therapy. The Haloxyl Peptide is a very potent peptide which combines synergistically with the Vitamin C to boost the potency and ultimately improve the health and wellness of the skin.


Oxygen Moisture Repair $47.00
Superior antioxidant treatment cream. Moisturizes dry, flaky and damaged skin. Excellent for sensitive and rosacea skin conditions. Also post laser and chemical treatments.
Calming Peptide $63.00
This is a powerful anti-inflammatory lotion. It will help cystic acne improve. Bioactive peptides have the capability to heal acne scarring with the proper protocol.
Healing Cream with CBD $95.00
Superior antioxidant treatment cream. It will moisturize dry, flaky, damaged skin and will promote rapid healing to injured skin. Its active properties give a boost to the immune function to regenerate and increase cell turnover. It can be applied over other creams to boost the treatment. it plumps firms the skin and lips. Because of its anti-microbial properties, it will assist in the reduction of perspiration and body odor.

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